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Athletic Teams

Athletic Teams Forms:

Athletic opportunities for High School students are:


Marawood Conference Members:

(for all sports except football)
North Division (N)
South Division (S)


  • Abbotsford (N)
  • Assumption (Wis Rapids) (S)
  • Athens (N)
  • Auburndale (S)
  • Edgar (N)
  • Marathon (S)
  • Newman (Wausau) (S)
  • Northland Lutheran (S)
  • Park Falls (N)
  • Phillips (N)
  • Pittsville (S)
  • Prentice (N)
  • Rib Lake (N)
  • Stratford (S)
Cloverbelt Conference Members:

(for football only)


  • Abbotsford
  • Assumption
  • Athens
  • Gilman
  • Greenwood
  • Loyal
  • McDonell Catholic
  • Newman Catholic
  • Owen-Withee
  • Thorp

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Assumption Cash Raffle Winners



Assumption High School Athletics

Each day students in the High School athletic program develop leadership, self-awareness, personal growth, and positive sporting behaviors through competition. Like all activities of school life, the athletic program is founded on the Assumption Catholic Schools' Values of faith, community, justice, and respect. Close to 80% of High School students play on athletic teams.

AHS Baseball Score Card



Assumption Sports Schedules

Athletic Calendar: For more information, including the complete yearly schedule, click here.

Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports

Sports Clinics & Camps

AHS Athletic Association

The following is a brief description of the AHS Athletic Association, including organization, function, and calendar of events.  The description of individual events will clearly show the integration of Athletic Association activities with the Athletic Department., an integration that has evolved over a period of years, and appears to be functioning well, since the Athletic Association has successfully fulfilled and continues to fulfill its financial obligations to the Assumption Catholic Schools system.

Mr. Bob Birkhauser — Co-President
Mr. Steve Walczak  — Co-President

Mr. Joe Birkhauser - Vice President
Mrs. Pam Huebner – Treasurer

Parents(s) of any student who participates in a school athletic program.

No formal meetings are conducted; committee meetings for various events are held as needed.


Annual Calendar of Events:

  • A cash raffle is held in the months of January through April, with the drawing conducted at the Royal Event, or shortly thereafter.  Entries are $100.00 each; prizes total $13,000.00.  Sponsorship of a portion of the cash prizes is solicited from local businesses. 

  • Fireworks are sold from a stand on the west side of Wisconsin Rapids prior to and during the July 4th weekend. Fireworks are supplied by an Assumption High School alumnus, and the stand is staffed by Athletic Association members.

  • The Royal Golf Scramble is held annually at the Ridges Golf Course on the 3rd Friday in July. This event has been held annually for the past twenty-two years. Morning and afternoon sessions are available, and approximately 260 golfers participate each year. A dinner, prepared by AHS alumni, at Assumption High School in the evening, concludes the event. Hole sponsorships and prizes are solicited form local businesses by both Athletic Assn. members and the Athletic Director. Athletic Assn. members assist with the various activities and organization of prizes.

  • An All-Sports Booklet is published each year in August for all sports programs at the school. Team pictures are inserted initially for fall sports teams, and then changed for winter and spring sports. Ads from businesses and organizations are solicited for this booklet.

  • A food stand is operated at the Nekoosa Giant Pumpkin Fest each year on the first weekend in October. The stand is staffed by Athletic Association members.

  • The Cranberry Classic Basketball Tournament is held at Assumption High School for both boys’ and girls’ Varsity and JV basketball teams each year on the Friday and Saturday, following Thanksgiving Day. A booklet with tournament information, and ads solicited by both Athletic Association members and the Athletic Director, is published, and a concession stand is operated by Athletic Association members. For worker schedule, click here.

  • The Assumption High School Athletic Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 2002, and subsequent inductions have been held at two-year intervals since then. Coaches, athletes and special contributors have been inducted. Selection of nominees and the induction ceremonies are joint efforts of the Athletic Association and the Athletic Department.

  • Athletic Association members work as ticket-takers for athletic events – coordinated by the Athletic Director. This activity is supplemented by members from the local chapter of the Knights of Columbus.

  • Roster — A program for football, volleyball, and basketball games that lists academic, cultural, and athletic accomplishments of school organizations and teams, has been developed and is currently distributed at these athletic events.

  • Athletic Association members assist with the sports sign-up nights held for each sports season, especially the sign-up for fall sports.