Partnership Program

GAPP is an organization, established in 1972 at the Goethe Institut in New York, which promotes the exchange of young Germans and Americans. At the heart of the exchange is the integration of students into the everyday life of their host families and into the classroom activities of their host schools. Through regular school attendance at the partner schools and living with host families, the students become members of a school, a family and a community.

AHS Exchange Program

A GAPP exchange program between the Hans-Leinberger Gymnasium in Landshut, Bavaria and Assumption High School has existed since 1994. 20-25 German students and two or three teachers come to AHS during their Easter break of even numbered years and spend approximately 4 weeks here. American students likewise spend 4 weeks in Landshut during June/July of odd numbered years staying with their host partners. For information on both partner schools, please click on the more button.


Royal Adventurers Tour to Landshut, Germany in July, 2013

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Cambridge Institute of China Business Research Program

Assumption High School has contracted with the Cambridge Institute of China Business Research to offer a high school education for up to ten students from Mainland, China. The program is designed to offer American secondary education to Chinese youth who ultimately are seeking enrollment in American colleges and universities.

Generally speaking, Catholic high schools are the preferred choice of these students and their families, given the solid reputation for academic rigor which Catholic schools enjoy. The students are interviewed and selected by Assumption Catholic Schools staff; if accepted, they enroll for three years, assuming they can meet and maintain all standards and expectations set forth for all Assumption students.

The students pay full tuition as well as an annual stipend of $5000 to their host families. Host families in turn are expected to provide all services normally offered by host families of foreign exchange students.

The ACS Exchange Programs
Germany – GAPP
(German American Partnership Program)

China: Cambridge Exchange

South Korea Exchange

South Korea Exchange Program

A South Korean student exchange program has been established in which students from South Korea travel to and live in Central Wisconsin for approximately two months (January and February). Normally, exchanges are for high school level students, but, in this case, the children are younger. They are in grades three through six and are both male and female. The students live with host families.

The students attend classes at St. Vincent de Paul and Assumption Middle Schools during the day. At night, they participate in the routine family activities of the host families. The South Korean children may also receive English tutorial by a certified teacher after the regular school day.


June 14th – July 11th: News from abroad

From June 14th  – July 11th seventeen members of Assumption High School German classes participated in an educational and cultural German immersion program in Landshut, Germany. As part of the German-American Partnership Program (GAPP), these students stayed at the homes of the German students who had visited them in Wisconsin Rapids during March and April 2010.


During their four week stay, Assumption German students attended classes at the Hans-Leinberger Gymnasium (university prep high school), toured local industries and museums, visited an elementary school and took field trips to sites of historical, cultural and religious significance, such as the Pope’s birthplace in Marktl am Inn, Regensburg, the Bavarian Forest, Dachau, Berchtesgaden,and Fuessen among others.


Besides gaining first-hand knowledge of a typical German school day and German family life, Assumption students also gave presentations about the American school system, hunting, the history, peoples and sites in the state of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Rapids.


The GAPP exchange between Assumption High School and the Hans-Leinberger Gymnasium has existed since 1994. Assumption students receive academic credit for their international experience. In April 2012 Assumption will host another group of students and their teachers from Landshut.


This summer’s participants were Kayla Ashbeck, Elliott Bender, Thomas Elsen, Emily Freundl, Alexis Hess, Jessica Meza, Trey Newton, Joe O’Shasky, Tyler Pawelski, Dylan Pierce, Benjamin Romano, Samantha Roth,  Nathan Skifton, Taylor Sullivan, Andrea Taylor, Andrew Tiernan and EvanTimmermann. Chaperones were Bobbette Leu-Timmermann, German teacher AHS and Scott Baumgart, Sr.