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The complete school calendar may be found by clicking the button below. Here, you can display and print the schedule for the entire school, or select just one school by day, week or month.

Here, you can access a calendar for the 2013-14 school year release days, and here a printable 12 month calendar of events.


Overview - Our athletic program develops the skill level of student athletes in grades four through twelve, and at the varsity level provides the opportunity for first-rate athletic competition.


Our student athletes learn technical skills and much more. They learn how to rely on their teammates and to become reliable teammates themselves. They learn how to make quick decisions under pressure. They experience the exhilaration of winning -- and learn how to rebound from the disappointment of defeat. And, perhaps most importantly, they are taught lessons about fairness and respect in a culture where these aspects of athletics are often undervalued.


Our athletic programs also help students forge connections across grade levels and with faculty members outside of class. A number of our teachers serve as coaches in both the middle and high school, and teachers regularly attend athletic contests, supporting students’ extracurricular interests and building school spirit. .


School Lunch Menus

Our lunch program provides fresh, healthy, and good-tasting food. All menus are planned according to the USDA nutritional guidelines and include fresh fruits, and vegetables as often as possible. The meal program is an optional service for students provided by the school. Lunch accounts may be funded at the main administration office.

  • ACS High School Student Meals $2.80
  • ACS Middle School Student Meals $2.80
  • OLQH Student Meals $2.20
  • St. Vincents' Student Meals $2.40
  • Adult Meals $3.25
  • Extra EntrĂ©e $1.25
  • Extra Milk $.50
  • AHS Snack $.65
  • AMS Snack Drink $.35
  • All Menus include Milk
  • Ala carte available at AMS & AHS from 7:15-1:00
  • Menus subject to change

All menus are in PDF format. Click below to view the most updated menu: