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[Lord, on the day I called for help, you answered me.] (Psalm 138:3a)

“I’m frustrated. I can’t do anything about it except pray”.

I’ve heard this countless times and I’ve  said it myself probably as much as anyone else.  Expressed in such a sentiment is our own attitude of prayer. We can mistakenly think prayer is pointless, ineffective, and the last resort.  Let’s think about it a bit and translates our frustration.

“I’m frustrated. I can’t do anything about it except ask the all knowing, all encompassing, all powerful, and all good God to help me.”

I guess prayer doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.  Our Psalmist today conveys this confidence in God’s generosity. God will always answer our prayers He may not answer them in the way we want, but He will answer with what we need—that which is best for us.

God knows what we want and need before we ask, but He desires us to voice our desires to Him—healing of a loved one, stronger marriage, better job, ability to pay the bills, grace to love a coworker, overcome a certain sin, etc…

Have you lost faith in the power of prayer? What is God waiting for you to ask?  God is our loving Father just waiting for His children to ask…

“My child, what would you like Me to do for you?”