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[One of the Twelve, who was called Judas Iscariot,
went to the chief priests and said,
“What are you willing to give me
if I hand him over to you?”
They paid him thirty pieces of silver,
and from that time on he looked for an opportunity to hand him over.]. (Mt. 26:14-16)

Really Judas?  Are you really that selfish and self absorbed?  Have you not listened to anything Jesus has said?  Are you completely oblivious to the fact that Jesus, the Son of God, is about to give His life for you?  Judas, do you really care more about thirty pieces of silver than Someone who has shown you nothing but love? Really Judas?

How often Lord Jesus am I just like Judas?  How often does my selfishness get in the way?  I’d much rather do my own thing than spend time with You.

Many times I act like I haven’t heard Your voice.  I ignore what You’ve
taught so I can live my life my way.  I think Jesus, You don’t know my situation, and Your teachings are archaic and outdated.

So often I’d rather sleep in a few extra minutes than drag myself out of bed to attend Sunday Mass.   Too many times I’ve cared more about work and sporting events than You who have shown me nothing but love.

I find myself asking, “Judas, how could you have betrayed Jesus?” I am filled with sorrow and regret at asking this question because really it’s a question I know the answer to.  I know how Judas could have betrayed Jesus because I myself betray Jesus so very often.

Lord Jesus, please forgive me for the times I have failed to love You.  Also forgive me for those times I , like Judas, have betrayed You.