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[When Balaam raised his eyes and saw Israel encamped, tribe by tribe,
the spirit of God came upon him,
and he gave voice to his oracle:…] (Numbers 24:2)

Balaam is a pagan prophet and often used in the New Testament as an example of infidelity as well as everything not to be.   In this section of the Book of Numbers, Balaam was to curse Israel’s approaching army. Much to his benefactor’s dismay and Balaam‘s surprise he could not but bless Israel.  Balaam couldn’t help himself.  He proclaimed God’s greatness.

Despite the fact that secular culture and public institutions try their very best to separate Christ from Christmas, Christ sneaks His way back in.  Rename and reterm, but Christ remains the center.

As hard as our broken society tries, Christ will always find a way to shine through the darkness as He did that first Christmas.  One way He does this is through our witness. Not over the top or pushy, but kind and gentle. Jesus changed the world as a small infant lying in a dirty stable. By our joyful witness to the awesomeness Who is our God, our society cannot but proclaim Christ the center of Christmas.