3/11/2020 Lenten Luminaries

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[Then the mother of the sons of Zebedee approached Jesus with her sons
and did Him homage, wishing to ask Him for something.] (Mt. 20:20)

Our Gospel reading today depicts an incredible scene.  Immediately after Jesus eludes to His passion, death, and resurrection to His disciples, Mrs. Zebedee tries to grasp at power for her sons.  She does Jesus homage and then makes her request.  The mother of the Zebedee brothers uses her prayer not to grow in her relationship with Jesus (she seemingly ignored what He had just said).  Rather, she prays only to get something.

Why do I pray?  Do I pray to talk with God, and to deepen my relationship with Him? Alternatively, do I pray only to get something from Him? I know God wants me to bring my needs and desires to Him, but He also wants us to fall in love with Him.  Am I motivated to pray simply to get a request answered or have “good feelings” more than I am longing for God Himself?

Like a good Father, God desires me to share my desires with Him, to ask Him for what I want.  However, He also desires to hear my experiences, my joys, and my struggles.  He desires my heart.  Do I desire His, or only what I can get from Him?

Heavenly Father, You asked St. Thomas Aquinas what kind of reward he would like from You.  St. Thomas responded simply, “Nothing but You, Lord.  Nothing but You.”  Father, grant me the grace to make this my prayer too.

I want nothing but You Lord.  Nothing but You.