3/9/2020 Lenten Luminaries

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[“Lord, great and awesome God,
you who keep your merciful covenant toward those who love you
and observe your commandments!
We have sinned, been wicked and done evil;
we have rebelled and departed from your commandments and your laws.
We have not obeyed your servants the prophets,
who spoke in your name to our kings, our princes,
our fathers, and all the people of the land.
Justice, O LORD, is on your side;
we are shamefaced even to this day:
we, the men of Judah, the residents of Jerusalem,
and all Israel, near and far,
in all the countries to which you have scattered them
because of their treachery toward you.
O LORD, we are shamefaced, like our kings, our princes, and our fathers,
for having sinned against you.
But yours, O LORD, our God, are compassion and forgiveness!
Yet we rebelled against you
and paid no heed to your command, O LORD, our God,
to live by the law you gave us through your servants the prophets.”] (Dn 9:4b-10)

Do I need a savior? Do I know I need a savior?

In our first reading today we hear the consternation of the human heart. God is known to be faithful and merciful, and yet we so easily neglect Him and His love. The darkness of our sin in the light of God’s goodness makes us aware of our need for a savior.

Am I aware of the darkness of my sins?  What sins do I fall into over and over again which convince me of my need for a savior?