President’s Friday Message

Good Morning Assumption Catholic Schools,

My prayers for the continued health and well being of you and your families.
We are at the end of week 1 of our eLearning adventure and I thank each of you for your efforts. Next week is Spring Break and there are no scheduled learning activities.

All school events are cancelled through April 30th and we will let you know if we receive further information from the Governor.

Additional faith opportunities
check with your parish – some of them are open for individual prayer, confession and communion.
Mass this weekend, I know the Diocese of La Crosse Mass is televised on the NBC affiliate channel 12 WJFW

There are also opportunities from the Diocese. They can be found here.

Also the letter from the Bishop.

Parish support – please continue to make your tithe to the parishes if you can, they have bills to pay just like the school does and just like you as individuals do.

Lastly – not sure if local medical facilities are accepting these but my daughter is an ICU nurse in Green Bay and she and her colleagues are willing to use them. Here is link to how to make homemade masks for medical professionals. If any of you are craft minded and want to make some, I will make sure they get distributed, just bring them to school between 8 and 12 during the week.

Stay safe, and keep on praying
In Christ’s Peace,
Daniel Minter
Assumption Catholic Schools