4/10/2020 Lenten Luminaries

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[So they took Jesus, and, carrying the cross himself,
he went out to what is called the Place of the Skull,
in Hebrew, Golgotha.
There they crucified him, and with him two others,
one on either side, with Jesus in the middle.] (Jn. 19:18)
Good Friday.  Is today actually “good” if Jesus suffers and dies on a cross?  Yes!  Today is “good” because our salvation is accomplished.  As the cross is slid into the ground of Calvary the devil’s power is pulverized.  The hour for which Jesus longed has arrived, and His love for all humanity is fully on display.
St. John presents Jesus in many different lights, one of which is the new Moses.  St. John views Jesus in much the same way the Israelites looked at Moses except on a greater level.  Moses frees the Israelites from the tyranny and slavery of the Egyptians.  Jesus frees all of humanity from the tyranny and slavery of sin.   Moses leads the Israelites to new life through the waters of the Red Sea.  Jesus leads those who accept Him to new life through the waters of Baptism.
St. John  provides us with a clear connection between Moses and Jesus today in the way the cross of Jesus is positioned on Calvary, namely “they crucified Him, and two others with Him, one on either side, with Jesus in the middle”.  In one of their many battles to conquer the Promised Land, Moses is said to have kept his arms raised in order that the Israelites would win the fight.  His brother Aaron and sister Hur helped support his arms, “one on either side” (Ex. 17:12b).
God had prepared Good Friday for centuries.  Moses, himself, was a type and prefigurement of what Jesus would do for all of humanity on the cross.  In His hour, Jesus would free us from the tyranny of sin and free us from the power of the devil.  Centered between two thieves, He would raise His arms enabling the entire world to win the battle over Satan.  Finally He would recreate you and me through the waters of Baptism which flowed from His pierced side.
Take some time today and reflect on God’s love for you.  Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, God has been planning to save you and me.  His only begotten Son, Jesus, longed to accomplish it on the cross.  He loves you and proves it on the cross.  He is the new Moses, He is your God and your Savior.  Good Friday is truly a “good” day.