4/2/2020 Lenten Luminaries

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[So the Jews said to him,
“Now we are sure that you are possessed.
Abraham died, as did the prophets, yet you say,
‘Whoever keeps my word will never taste death.’
Are you greater than our father Abraham, who died?
Or the prophets, who died?
Who do you make yourself out to be?”] (Jn. 8:52-53)

Is Jesus a threat to my life?  Is He a threat to how I want to live my life?  Is Jesus a threat to your life?  Is He a threat to how you want to live your life?

The Jewish leaders are threatened by Jesus.  For one, there is only one true God and Jesus claims to be the Son of God.  Secondly, Jesus says some things that seem to revolutionize contemporary established religious practices.  Jesus’s existence threatens the Jewish leadership’s way of life.

Does what Jesus teach threaten you or me?  Jesus never imposes anything on His disciples.  He only proposes.  It is up to us to accept that proposal or not.  Do we actually want to be His disciple to merely have another nice religious teaching for our collection on the shelf?  These are tough questions we must ask ourselves everyday by the way we live our lives,.  As Palm Sunday approaches they become even more paramount.  The answers to these questions cost Jesus His life.  As His disciples these questions should cost us ours as well.