President’s Blog September 25

As we move from Summer into Fall and observe the beauty of Nature and all that God provides for us, let us take time to be thankful for the gifts He has given to us. Gifts of life, friends, family, health, wisdom, fortitude, patience, understanding, knowledge, counsel, piety and fear of the Lord. It is important to step back from the grind of daily life and be thankful.

Our virtue this week is INTEGRITY – The strength to be consistent between your values and your actions. There is the common phrase, “Practice what you preach” which we have all heard. That sums up INTEGRITY very well. It is easy to talk the talk or say you believe in something but then act completely different. Just like it is easy to say you are “All In” and yet still give half-hearted effort. Let’s live INTEGRITY each and every one of us.
Lord Jesus, You better than anyone else in history “practiced what You preached.” You do not ask us to do anything You did not do or live Yourself. You prayed, You sacrificed, You worked, You sweat … Grant us the strength and the light to always be consistent between our values and our actions.

A second virtue for the week. This week we focus on the virtue of COMMUNICATION – The strength to convey and share one’s ideas, feelings and concerns. Anything great that we want to achieve in life takes COMMUNICATION. We cannot accomplish our goals as a team, a family, a business without excellent and constant COMMUNICATION.
Prayer is COMMUNICATING with You, Lord. Sharing, venting, telling you all of our wants, needs, hopes. But also listening. Listening to Your will for us, Your vision for our life. Give us the strength and inspiration to pray every day, Lord, and give us the virtue to COMMUNICATE well.

In Christ’s Peace
Daniel Minter
Assumption Catholic Schools