President’s Friday Blog

Dear Assumption Catholic Schools,

May your Advent continue to be blessed and fruitful as you prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas.

As we approach these final days of school in Advent I wanted to make you aware of upcoming videos that will be posted to our You Tube site

December 22 – planned weekly Mass from OLQH with the student bell choir
December 22 – Golden Mass Assumption Catholic HS 1:15 PM – live streamed by and will be posted to You Tube
December 22 – Release of the Christmas concerts from OLQH, SVDP, ACMS and ACHS
Once these videos have been posted I will send links. Hopefully in 2021 we will again be able to welcome you as guests to our various events.

For those who are curious, the US Bishops this week released findings on the various COVID-19 vaccines that are becoming available. Some have been concerned about the ethical creation of the vaccines. According to the USCCB and Vatican offices both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have only a remote link to morally compromised cell lines and should be, if available, the preferred choice of Catholics.

This week we concentrate on the virtue of PATIENCE – The strength to endure delay, pain, discomfort and disappointment. This is one of the most difficult virtues to live, right? Why?
Lord, the virtue of PATIENCE is very important for every aspect of our life. It is really, really hard to be PATIENT, Lord, and we need Your help in order to live it. You were PATIENT with the soldiers who whipped You, spit on You, nailed You to the Cross. You endured all that pain for love of us. May we imitate Your example by enduring the pains, delays, discomforts and disappointments in life for love of You.

Let’s remember to be PATIENT with one another. When someone irks you … take a deep breath
Thank you for being so PATIENT with us, Lord. You were on the Cross for three long hours. People (We) made fun of You, taunted You, tempted You to come down from the Cross but You were PATIENT. We want to be like You, Lord.

Help us all to be more PATIENT this week by reminding ourselves to talk a deep breath and count to 10 when we get impatient and frustrated with something or someone. Amen

In Christ’s Peace
Daniel Minter
Assumption Catholic Schools
PS This is the last official blog before Christmas. See you in 2021. May your Christmas be blessed. Stay safe.