President’s Message Oct. 1 2021

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Happy Month of Mary – Mother of our Lord!

Did you know – the freshman class of Assumption HS is the 70th class to attend Assumption Catholic HS, In the early 1950’s the parishes of the Wisconsin Rapids Deanery made the decision to open a high school.  Assumption Catholic HS was located at Our Lady Queen of Heaven (then known as St. Mary’s) from 1951 to 1954 and the first students entered the current building in the fall of 1954,

At that time many of the now supporting parishes had their own K-8 schools, These former parish schools date back to St. Philip’s in Rudolph in 1885 just 17 years after the Diocese of La Crosse was formed and include SS Peter and Paul 1886, St. Lawrence 1904, Sacred Heart 1908, Our lady Queen of Heaven 1949 and St. Vincent de Paul 1957.

In 1999 the formation of WRACS – Wisconsin Rapids Area Catholic Schools was begun and the middle school was located on the 3rd floor of the Assumption building- where the Sisters had previously lived.

in 2004 the current configuration was established with day care and PreK at St. Lawrence, K-2 at Our Lady, 3-5 at St. Vincent de Paul and 6-12 in the Assumption building

in 2010 the system was officially renamed Assumption Catholic Schools.  We continue a legacy of Catholic education in the area going back 136 years.

The virtue of the week is OBIEDENCE

Jesus, Almighty King of kings,
You Who obeyed Your Father to the end,
Teach me the meaning of obedience.
My soul burns to comply with Your Will,
Bless me with the strength to obey,
Especially when I don’t feel like it.
I always seek favor in Your eyes,
To always obey You until my last breath!

The strength to comply with and respect the
authority of those in positions of leadership who
have the right to command.

OBEDIENCE is necessary for success in this life and
most importantly for Eternal Life. We need to have
OBEDIENCE in the living of our Catholic Faith.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church addresses the
virtue of obedience, even calling it, as we did above,
a duty. “The duty of obedience requires all to give due
honor to authority and to treat those who are charged
to exercise it with respect, and, insofar as it is
deserved, with gratitude and good-will.” (CCC # 1900)

Luke 2: 51
And He went down with them, and came
to Nazareth, and was subject to them.
And his mother kept all these words
in her heart.

“The joy promised by the Beatitudes is the very
joy of Jesus Himself: A joy sought and found in
obedience to the Father and in the gift of self to
– Pope St. John Paul II

“It’s not hard to obey when we love
the one whom we obey.”
– St. Ignatius Loyola

“The cost of obedience is small compared with
the cost of disobedience.”
– St. Augustine

The opposing vice


How does one fail in regard to the virtue of obedience?
Theologians have traditionally distinguished between sins in
excess and sins in defect relative to a virtue.
A sin in excess against obedience is servility, which is
marked by adherence to a directive that is contrary to a
higher law or precept. One would be guilty of servility if he
obeyed a civil law that is at odds with God’s moral law.
A sin in defect against obedience is disobedience, which is
the transgression of an order that falls within the competent
authority of the superior and is, therefore, a legitimate
directive. One is disobedient if he purposely fails to do or
omit something commanded by his lawful authority.

Lord God, You didn’t run at the first sign of chaos or
You showed us how to be OBEDIENT, sacrificial,
loving and truthful.
We want to live like You! We want to live for You and
for others.
Help us to practice the virtue of OBEDIENCE this
week, just like you were OBEDIENT to Your Father’s
will even to the point of dying on the cross for us.

Next week is homecoming 2021

Cheer the Assumption Catholic Royals on to victory

In Christ’s Peace
Daniel Minter


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