Assumption High School’s alumni base is spread out over the entire globe. We total 4,900 graduates spanning 69 classes. In order to better serve our alumni, please update your contact information. Joining us on Facebook allows us to communicate school and alumni news and fosters fellowship among alumni, current students, and the school.

Beginning March 4th, 2022 – AHS is excited to partner with a company called PCI to conduct outreach as part of a plan to update our AHS Alumni Publication. If you receive a postcard, letter or phone call from a representative with PCI, this is a legitimate piece of communication on our behalf. Please help us out by providing any information that you’re willing to have included in our AHS Alumni Directory. A list of FAQs are provided here

The last time we’ve produced an alumni directory for Assumption was back in 2011. There is no cost to the school system, but in return we will benefit from an in-depth update of alumni contact information on a mass scale – which will in turn assist us in communication efforts with our most valued constituents and advocates. The process takes about 12 months to complete, at which time copies of the directories will be made available for purchase in varying package types and price points.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact Matthew Zakowski the Assumption Advancement Office at 715-422-0914. Thank you!

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We are in the process of updating our Alumni Database.  If your contact information has changed within the last 10 years, please contact Matthew Zakowski  at .


The Royal Crest

Bishop’s Mitre: Assumption is an extension of the diocesan bishop’s teaching charism.
1951: Date of founding
Wavy Line: Wisconsin River
Cross and bolts of lightning:  St.. Mary’s School; where AHS classes were held for three years under the name of Tri-City High School.
Canoe: Fr. Marquette’s journey on the Wisconsin and the first Catholic presence in this area.
Quill and Scroll: Scholarship
Crown and Sceptre: Mary’s Royalty
Triquetra: The Trinity and the unity of faculty, parents and students.