Assumption High School is a community with shared convictions about teaching and learning:

Welcome to an academic learning climate! Assumption High School fosters a cohesive culture of high academic expectations within the context of faith, fun, family, and future. The excitement of new discovery and the joy of encountering the beautiful are woven into high expectations and rigorous course work to make the secondary experience at AHS memorable and meaningful.
AHS teachers have bought into a set of beliefs about teaching and learning:

  • Secondary education requires more than just the mastery of reading, writing, and math skills. Students need to know the content of history and the ideas found in great books.
  • A good teacher motivates, facilitates, and assesses to increase engagement and the achievement of learning goals. Students need to know why something is worth knowing.
  • There is no one right way to teach, but good teachers prepare, engage in dialogue with students, and continually adjust their teaching in response to the data about student learning.
  • Education should provide nourishment for the spiritual, aesthetic, and moral growth of students as well as intellectual competence.
  • Education requires the paring away of bad habits as it affirms commitment and responsibility.

Assumption High School is open to all who are seeking to find fulfillment in the school’s mission. If you have not already joined our community, we invite you to stop in and check out the Royals!

God Bless,
Jimmy Lynch, Principal