When does the day begin and end?

Our school day starts at 8:40 a.m. and ends at 3:40 p.m.

How early can I drop off my child for school?

The doors are open and before care begins at 7:00 am. There is a fee for the use of this program.
Non-morning care students can be dropped off at the playground after 8:00am

What if I cannot pick my child up right away at 3:40 pm?

Students are then placed into aftercare where they enjoy the after school activities or participate in the ASC (Academic Success Center) and complete their homework.

Where do I pick up my child after school?

In-Church: If you are joining us for prayer service students are dismissed to you in church

Car Pick-up: Students are dismissed and supervised by teachers to the 12th street parking lot. (gym lobby doors)

Buses pick up on 13th Street. A teacher will supervise the bus line until all busses have departed.

How often does St. Vincent de Paul students have Religion class and mass?

SV students have religion classes including Catechesis of the Good Shepherd throughout the week. Our Catholic faith is shared throughout each day, every day. Our weekly Mass is celebrated at 2:45 PM on Thursdays, unless a Holy Day of Obligation falls on a day other than Thursday. We also participate in Reconciliation twice a year and daily prayer services. Various Catholic ceremonies are celebrated at the appropriate times of the year.

What should students wear on weekly mass days?

Students are not required to dress up on weekly mass days.  Regular dress code applies if not opting for ‘dress up’ in shirts, ties, dresses, etc. Rules of modesty are required.

Do the students have recess?

Yes.  Every day, 8:15-8:40, during lunch, and 2:10-2:20. Students have time to play outside (weather permitting) or in the gym.

How does breakfast & snack work?

Every morning breakfast is made available for all students.   Breakfast and lunch are billed through the hot lunch program.   At the beginning of every month, parents receive a Breakfast and Lunch menu.  Students may bring in a healthy snack to eat during snack time. Snack is included in the after care program.

What if my child has an appointment during the day?

If your student has an appointment during the day, a written note on paper or in the student planner or email explaining the appointment should be received in the office before school starts. Your student will be given a pass to get out of class at the appropriate time.  Upon pickup you should sign them out in the SV school office and sign back in when they return. The parent needs to come into the office to sign the student in/out. ALL notes regarding attendance (vacations, appointments…) should be forwarded to the SV office.

Can we get homework assignments off of FACTS?

Yes.  Teachers will input daily assignments and parents may access them via FACTS.  We stress the importance of students using their daily planner, so your student’s planner should be the first source when checking for homework assignments.

Missing Assignments or forgetting to do homework?

It is very important for a student to keep up with homework.  The workload can be overwhelming when the student falls behind.  Parents will receive an email notification via FACTS when a missing assignment is recorded by their teacher.
*If your child is struggling with homework for more than an hour every night, please contact their homeroom teacher ASAP.  Communication between home and school is vitally important to ensure that every child be academically successful.

Report Cards and grades on FACTS.

You will receive a report card every 6 weeks.  Each grading term is a Hex, and there are 6 hexes in a year.  Parents are encouraged to check the status of their student’s grades and assignments through your FACTS Parent Access link.  This is a highly beneficial tool to help you keep up to date with your students work and progress. Our teachers are always promptly available via email if you have any academic concerns or questions.

Can my child get extra tutorial help?

Math tutorial times take place several days in the morning before school begins. Scheduling takes place with Mrs. Kuhn with a referral from the teacher or request from the parent. Our Literacy Lab is available for all students with tutorial needs during the day.  The Academic Success Center is available from after school until 4:30 to complete homework.  The ASC is a part of our child care program and has the same fees as the licensed after care program.

Does St. Vincent School office sell scrip?

Yes, however, the inventory is not as vast as the main Scrip office located at Assumption.
Scrip hours are: Tuesday 11-2  / Thursday 11-6 / Friday 8-1 *When school is in session.