Student Life

Normal Daily Schedule: 8:40 – 3:40

Students have many opportunities to express themselves and grow as individuals each day.  Here are a few examples.

Mass Serving

Students in grades 3-5 are trained and participate in school and parish masses as servers, readers, cantors, and gift bearers.

Safety Patrol

Fifth grade students can serve as safety patrol which includes duties in bus, lunch, recess, flag, and corners.

Student Council

Students in grades 3-5 who are in academic good standing and complete the application process are candidates for student council. The group plans and executes events for the student body and community such as:

  • School store
  • Mardi  Gras
  • Halloween Party
  • Volunteer Breakfast Social


Both girls and boys basketball teams have a winter season. Also, numerous community sports activities are available.


Keeping current with the learning of our world, we are intentional with the technology programming in which our students participate. 1:1 Classroom Chromebooks offer students the opportunity to utilize Google and Renaissance products.


Students have a variety of ways to participate in leadership activities, including special mass parts, service, helping younger students, making announcements, planning and leading fundraisers for others, and more.