Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to St. Vincent de Paul School!

Our 3rd-5th graders are guided along their educational journey by St. Vincent de Paul’s teachers and staff who are very dedicated and truly embrace each student’s desire to reach his/her full potential. Students are in a Christ-centered learning environment that warms the heart and teaches our children what they need to know to become responsible and kind citizens. Our Assumption Catholic School’s curriculum includes the NCEA  Benchmarks and Standards, as well as, the Diocese of LaCrosse Curriculum standards as the minimum teaching/learning standards and benchmarks for all students and teachers.

Opportunities for leadership roles, programs, and field trips round out the expanse of our learning programs.

I welcome you to visit our school. Walk the halls and listen to what children are saying. St. Vincent de Paul School is a wonderful place for children to learn and grow, intellectually and spiritually. I invite to take another step and contact me or move to the admissions page to learn more about how your children can join our school family.

Mrs. Pamela Fochs