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[The Lord is my light and my salvation.] (Psalm 27:1a)

During this Second Sunday of Lent we make this audacious claim with the Psalmist.  Is He though?  Is the Lord really my light and salvation?  Do I believe the words I speak?

In saying “The Lord is my light and my salvation”, we exclude any other “saviors” from our lives.  We need to honestly reflect if anything other than God has become our “savior” and the guiding principle of our lives.

A simple examination of our time can help us determine who or what has become our “savior”.

  • Do I take time to pray everyday?
    —Undoubtedly I eat at least once a day.
  • Do I make time to attend Mass every Sunday?
    —“Could you not keep watch for one hour?” (Mk. 14:37)
  • Do I take time to learn more about God and His plan for my life and the life of my family?
    —We value education in every other area of our lives
  • Do I make time to encourage my children to grow in their relationship with God?
    —We direct our children to develop their athletic, musical, academic, etc. skills through grueling early morning and late night practices as well as summer leagues.

Questions like these and others which probe the heart are uncomfortable because they reveal areas of our lives that must change. Their answers force us to admit we’re a bit off kilter.  Don’t be discouraged by the uncomfortableness. We want a coach who will urge us to be our best, and ,well, God desires that and more for us.  He does not condemn us, but encourages us to become all of who He created us to be.

If God isn’t truly your salvation and light, make a firm resolve today to make the necessary adjustments in your life so that He can be.

“Lord, I desire to sincerely exclaim, You are my light and my salvation.