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[When the LORD saw him coming over to look at it more closely,
   God called out to him from the bush, “Moses! Moses!”
He answered, “Here I am.”
God said, “Come no nearer!
Remove the sandals from your feet,
   for the place where you stand is holy ground.] (Ex. 3:4-5)
As Moses approaches God in the burning bush he is directed to remove his sandals. Bishop Barron makes the point that Moses must approach God in vulnerable humility. Moses can more or less walk freely and easily wherever he wants so long as he is wearing sandals on his feet. Without any foot covering, Moses’s feet are exposed to the rough rock and other hostile terrain. Barefoot, Moses now approaches God vulnerable and humble, recognizing his strength and weakness.
How do I approach God? Do I draw near to God in humble vulnerability? God does not want us to pretend to be someone we’re not, thinking we’re better or worse than we are. He wants to meet the true you. God also wants to meet someone vulnerable because a vulnerable person is one who is open to His love.
Take some time today and remove your spiritual sandals in prayer. Make yourself vulnerable before God. Allow Him to love the real you.