Friday Virtue=Strength Message

God’s blessings to you.  August continues to be a busy month at all the school buildings. Tuesday, August 15 is the Feast of the Assumption.  We honor Mary and her being taken home to Heaven to be with God and Jesus forever.  Mary is the Patron Saint of Assumption Catholic Schools and as our Mother in Heaven intercedes for our needs.  I encourage you to attend Mass for the Feast Day.

The strength this week is resilience –  to bounce back from trials, tribulations and setbacks.,  Jesus is the best example of resilience and we should strive to be more like Him.  Details can be found in the slide deck. RESILIENCE-AUGUST-Mini-2023-PDF

The opposing vice is defeatism – staying down and letting our problems win out.  Even if we lose or are not successful we do not have to be defeated,. We bounce back and with resilience move on.

In Christ’s Peace

Daniel Minter, President Assumption Catholic Schools

Mission-to inspire excellence and personal growth grounded in Catholic principles and tradition.