Virtue = Strength March 18

Dear Assumption Catholic Schools

The strength for the week is perseverance – the ability – strength and desire to keep going and never quit.


Jesus did not give up even to the point of dying on the cross to save us.  In our lives we will face hardship and adversity but by perseverance we can overcome obstacles placed in our way.

Grant me, O Lord my God, a mind to know you, a heart to seek you, wisdom to find you, conduct pleasing to you, faithful perseverance in waiting for you, and a hope of finally embracing you.
– St. Thomas Aquinas

“Perseverance is essential to any good deed, as the voice of Truth tells us, ‘Whoever perseveres to the end will be saved.’”
– St. Gregory the Great
Pope, Father and Doctor of the Church

The weakness is quitting – giving up

While perseverance builds character and helps form good habits, quitting can become habit-forming as well in the wrong way.
When quitting becomes routine, you won’t even think twice about giving up next time…
Jesus did not give up on you. Let’s not give up on Him.

In Christ’s Peace

Daniel Minter
President Assumption Catholic Schools

Mission-to inspire excellence and personal growth grounded in Catholic principles and tradition.