Virtue Message April 2024

Posted on Apr 5, 2024 by

Alleluia He is Risen – The Easter season is in full swing and the world rejoices the Jesus has died and risen to save us from our sins.

The virtue theme for April is justice – Giving God and others what they deserve.

The virtue of Justice is the strength that consists in the constant and firm will to give God and neighbor their due. Our lives are full of relationships and so all of our actions impact others for good or evil. Justice guides and perfects our actions in relation to others.

JUSTICE ENABLES US TO: Always put God first in everything we think, say and do. Treat others with respect knowing they are children of God. Obey those with lawful authority.


The opposing vice is injustice – not giving God and others what they deserve.


Making something so important to you that it becomes an idol.
Taking our Lord’s name in vain.
Not going to Mass on Sunday
. Failing to thank God for His many gifts and blessings.
Not genuflecting before the Most Blessed Sacrament when we enter a church.

This handy document was created by Miss Lange – one of the MS HS teachers . It lists local options for daily and Sunday Mass as well as confession and adoration times.  Mass_Adoration_Confession Times

The Catholic church has 7 teachings on social just