Virtue=Strength April 19

The strength of the week is DILLIGENCE – doing the job right

Blessed Trinity, I beg You, deliver me from Sloth and Indolence and grant me the self-mastery of Diligence.
Rather than being disinterested, bored, or lukewarm in my desire to draw close to You,
inspire me to be filled with a fervent and persistent hunger to know, love and serve You.
Rather than being lax and inconsistent in my devotion to You, give me the will and discipline to keep a routine of daily, weekly and seasonal devotional practices as directed by Your Holy Catholic Church.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


“If it were given to a man to see virtue’s reward in the next world, he would occupy his intellect, memory and will in nothing but good works, careless of danger or fatigue.” – St. Catherine of Genoa

The weakness is INDOLENCE – being lazy

A short phrase to describe indolence is: “I can but I won’t.”

We can begin to overcome our laziness and indolence by: •Recognizing when we feel lazy or we are refusing to do something good. •

Resolve to make the effort to do that good thing.

In Christ’s Peace

Daniel Minter
President Assumption Catholic Schools

Mission-to inspire excellence and personal growth grounded in Catholic principles and tradition.