There is a St. Corona and She is Patron Saint of Epidemics!

St. Corona Pray for Us

She witnessed the martyrdom of
St. Victor, a soldier who was executed
by his brothers-in-arms for his faith.

While Victor was being tortured
and disfigured, the brave 16-year-old
Corona cried out comforting words and
encouragement as Victor held fast to his
faith and gave up his life for the Lord.

Victor’s persecutors soon turned
on Corona and executed her by tying
her to drawn palm trees, which ripped
her in half when snapped upright.

Yet the young saint never
gave up her faith.

As the Coronavirus wreaks havoc
and vexes us all, St. Corona gives us
an opportunity to lean into our faith
and cling to hope, no matter
the turmoil around us.

Prayer to St. Corona in
a Time of Epidemic

Lord Jesus Christ,
You came into this world
for our salvation.

Look kindly on us now, we pray,
that we, and all those who serve You,
might be kept safe from this epidemic.

Heal those who are sick,
comfort the suffering, bring back
those who have gone astray, and
above all, increase our faith, O Lord.

Give us the grace to follow You and,
like the martyr St. Corona, who gave
her life for love of You, to take up our
crosses daily without fear or hesitation.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the
living God, have mercy on us and
on the whole world.

St. Corona, patroness of
epidemic victims, pray for us.