President Virtue Message Friday September 1, 2023

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Welcome to September!

Today is the 1st Friday.  Can you spend some time with Jesus today?  Stop by your parish and sit in front of the tabernacle.  The small host in there is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  As we move through this 3rd year of the Eucharistic Revival let us strive to remember and believe the True Presence and to be grateful that our God, our Father in Heaven sent His Son for our salvation and then in turn after He rose from the dead and ascended into heaven sent us the Holy Spirit to be our guide.

The virtue for September is Faith.. More details, prayers and examples are found here, FAITH-2023-MINI-PDF

This light of FAITH enables us to BELIEVE that God loves us, even though we can’t see Him.
It strengthens us to live according to the teachings of the Church.
And it inspires us to be a light for others by our good example.

Please pray for all who are connected with Assumption Catholic Schools.  We are so grateful for all the blessings bestowed on the schools by God.

In Christ’s Peace

Daniel Minter


Assumption Catholic Schools

Mission-to inspire excellence and personal growth grounded in Catholic principles and tradition.

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