Friday Virtue Message

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Happy Advent

As we journey through these four weeks of Advent preparing to welcome the birth of Jesus let us pray for peace in our lives and for God’s blessings on His creation.

The strength this week is meekness. Meekness-2023-MINI-PDF
The strength to restrain anger and discouragement in the midst of adversity enabling a person to do good in response to evil.
Meekness is not weakness!

The real POWER of meekness lies in its capacity to defuse anger.

“When we have to reply to anyone who has insulted us, we should be careful to do it always with meekness. A soft answer extinguishes the
fire of wrath. If we feel ourselves angry, it is better for us to be silent, because we should speak amiss; when we become tranquil, we shall
see that all our words were culpable.”
– Saint Alphonsus Liguori
Doctor of the Church

The opposing weakness is wrath.  Extreme anger – wanting revenge

One should do as mariners do; when a storm arises they cast anchor, and wait until the tempest is over. St. Francis of Sales, on being asked how he could remain so calm and peaceful in regard to persons who were raging with anger, replied: “I have made an agreement with my tongue never to utter a word while my heart is excited.”

In Christ

Daniel Minter

President Assumption Catholic Schools

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